I am Dina Burlis

a film director with an unconventional journey. For over a decade, I navigated the intricate landscape of banking, but within those corporate walls, I discovered a burning passion that would alter the course of my life forever: the power of filmmaking.

My calling is clear—to create cinematic tributes to the remarkable women who inspire me. I craft stories that reach deep into the souls of my audience, stories that not only empower but light the path for women everywhere. Each frame I capture, each narrative I weave, is a testament to the extraordinary strength, resilience, and ambition of women.

In 2019, I embarked on an academic journey, earning my MFA in Film and TV Production from Loyola Marymount University in the vibrant heart of Los Angeles. It was there that I honed my craft, preparing myself to bring these inspiring stories to life.

In 2021, I released my first documentary feature, ‘JOY WOMACK: THE WHITE SWAN,’ a testament to my commitment to storytelling. Today, I stand on the brink of another great story, ‘BREAKING BOUNDARIES,’ currently in post-production, poised to shatter the limitations of convention once again.

As I forge ahead in my journey, I am unyielding in my dedication to illuminate the path for others, to champion women whose stories deserve to be told, to empower those who watch my films, and to break boundaries. The power of storytelling knows no bounds, and I am ready to make waves that resonate globally.


My life unfolds across three continents—Barcelona, Los Angeles, and Moscow—each a wellspring of inspiration and diversity. These places are my canvas, my storyboard, and my muse.

Los Angeles